• About Us

    The Jefferson High School Choral Program is committed to teaching the students how to sing beautifully. The goal of the choral program is to work as a team to create a unified sound, while learning the different aspects of music. We work on tone, intonation, vowel uniformity, blend/balance, rhythm/precision, diction/articulation, facility, interpretation, phrasing, expression, sensitivity, and dynamics. The choral program strives to teach the students to be well rounded musicians, learning how to read music as well as performing music.

    Concert Choir

    Concert Choir is for all students, there is no audition for this class. In concert choir the students learn how to match their pitch and tone with others, they build confidence in their singing abilities, and learn vocal technique. The students learn music theory and sight singing. Concert choir includes a varied repertoire from different genres, languages, and countries. 



    Harmonix is by audition only. In Harmonix, students learn vocal independence, strengthen their musicianship skills, and work as a team to refine their vocal skills.  Harmonix students are strongly recommended to have duel enrollment in both choral classes. Harmonix students will learn a variety of songs that may include choreography and will focus on performance skills.