• Useful Online Enrichment Resources


    Academic Supplementary Resources-

    Edhelper.com –  Free workbooks for students at levels Kinder - 8. TAG Math and ELA Challenge Workbooks

    newsela.com-  Free access to stories that are presented at multiple reading levels. Grades 3-12

    Youtube.com – Lingokids – Pre-K – 2nd grade

    ageoflearning.com  - PreK - 8

    ABCmouse.com – Pre K – 2

    time4learning.com  – Pre K - 12


    Touchmath.com - Kinder - 5th grade

    khanacademy.com – Math- Middle School-High School

    youtube.com – Lingokids

    Brainpop.com - ELA, Math, and Science grades 3-8

    Jr.brainpop.com - Kinder - 3rd grade

    Duolingo.com - Learn a new language. 


    Brain Breaks / Stressbusters for Kids-

    journalbuddies.com - Self Esteem & Confidence Journal Prompt Ideas for Kids

    tutorful.co.uk – Anxiety Relief Tools for Children

    youtube.com – Zen Den Mindfulness for Kids

    sightandsoundreading.com- Gratitude Worksheets for Kids

    youtube.com – Yoga For The Classroom


    Social Skills-

    wondergrovelearn.net  - Social Skills lessons for pre-school to 2nd grade.

    centervention.com – Social Skills Learning Activities for K-8

    ggsc.berkeley.edu – Gratitude for Tweens and Teens

    inspiredstudents.org – Social Emotional Activities for Middle and High School

    stopbreathethink.com – Helps students focus by checking in on their feelings.


     Podcasts for Kids

    storypirates.com – Ages 3-5

    wbur.org – Circles Round – Stories for ages 4-10




    mytalktools.com – help for students with communication difficulties


    Virtual Field Trips-

    nps.gov  - Yellowstone National Park

    kids.sandiegozoo.org –San Diego Zoo

    zooatlanta.org – Panda Cam

    bostonschildrensmuseum.org – Boston Children’s Museum

    accessmars.withgoogle.com – Lets you explore a 3D replica of the Martian surface.

    Montereybayaquarium.org – Live Webcams of all kinds of animals at the aquarium.


    Special Education-

    Audible.com – Books on read aloud

    www.myplayhome- A digital doll family of up to 15 people in various skin tones, play, and share stories with other people. These stories help to increase student verbalizations, provide a place for social and emotional learning, and teach necessary early language skills.

    Sounding board (app)- A free augmentative and alternative communication app designed for kids who are unable to speak (or have limited speech) to help them communicate. The app comes loaded with pre-loaded boards using symbols with recorded messages. Students select and press images on the board to prompt verbal language.

     Letter school (app)- promotes early literacy and numeracy skills by guiding children to tap, touch and trace colorful animations. Children learn letter formation, letter sounds and names, spelling, counting and other preschool and primary skills. There is a free trial, and it does a good job with fine motor and eye hand coordination.Tales2Go- A one month free audio book service.

     Epic- An E-library that helps struggling readers. This site provides access to more than 20,000 books and educational videos, both fiction and non-fiction.

    Digital Modifications

    Text to Speech, Increase Font Size, Color Filters, Audio, Closed Captions, Speech, Keyboard, Mouse, Eye Control….

    Mac/iPad – in Settings under Accessibility

    Windows – in Control Panel under Ease of Access

    Android – in Settings Accessibility -Text to Speech Output

    Chromebook- in Settings under Accessibility