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Jefferson Connected

We are all connected with the common purpose of providing a bright future for the children of our community.   You can feel this connection between our community and the support they provide the school district, between families and their involvement in our schools, and the interaction between teachers and the students they teach.  This connection is what unites us and allows us to achieve great things working together for the benefit of our students. Jefferson School District would like to take this moment to thank the families, parents and members of the community for connecting with us and helping make Jefferson School District a great place for the children of our community!


There has been moderate population growth in the area recently, averaging 1.38% annually from 2010 to 2020, growing from 3,098 to its current size of about 3,460.
Three public schools serve the students of Jefferson with a total enrollment of just under 900 students, K-12, with Jefferson Elementary School at 377 students, Jefferson Middle School at 204 students and Jefferson High School at 243 students. Similar to the area population, the District has seen very modest incremental growth over time, and does not anticipate significant increases in student population within the next 10 years.

The Jefferson School District covers 85 square miles in Marion County and consists of three (3) schools, serving approximately 824 students. These schools are comprised of one grade K-5 elementary, one grade 6-8 middle school and one grade 9-12 high school. There is also the Jefferson Gym Building, the former middle school cafeteria / gym and kitchen, now used for athletics, special programs and community events.

The school district recently completed a successful bond project.  Our district received a new middle school and an addition to our elementary school that added six new classrooms, updated security, a gym, and an updated playground.

JSD Strategic Plan cover page
JSD's Mission and Vision statement
JSD's core values and beliefs
The 4 Focus Areas and the goals and strategies JSD has made for each focus area

ODE Compliance

Division 22 Assurance Compliance

  • On November 1 of each year, school district superintendents are to provide a Division 22 Report to their local school board regarding the district's standing with respect to all Standards for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools as set forth in Oregon Administrative Rules 581-022-2305. Districts are to post the Division 22 Report on their district website by November 1.  Following that report, districts will complete and submit to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) the annual Elementary and Secondary Schools Assurance Form by November 15.