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Who You Going to Call?


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In the event the IT Director is hit by a bus while biking, falls off a mountain rock climbing, is eaten by a mountain lion hiking or simply calls in sick or goes on vacation here is a useful flow chart to determine who to call in the event of an IT emergency.

Red Major disruption preventing people from working No Internet 
Phones Systems Down
Issue can't wait Support should be contacted if Chris is not immediately reachable
Orange A major issue but people are able to work Alarm Systems or Doors Issues
Printing Problems
Needs to be resolved in 24 to 48 hours Chris should be notified and he can assess the situation
Yellow An issue effecting individuals but not everyone.   Issue needs to be resolved soon but not critical End user should decide if the issue can wait
Green Standard Support issues   Can wait until my return  


What Can IT Do Remotely?

If Internet is available and I have my computer...

1.) Check Email

2.)Log into all software systems from SIS to Website to fix software issues

3.)I can monitor the network, servers and WiFi and reboot those systems remotely

4.) Can access Camera, Security Systems.

5.) Remotely access individual PC's on the network

What Can't I do remotely?

1.) Access the Mitel Phone System

2.) Can't work with anything physical, replacing projector lamps, checking cabling setups, or complicated issues that I may need to see what is going on.

Types of Emergencies