• Meal Delivery

    Posted by Chris Shaw on 6/8/2020



    7TH ST PARK 11:20-11:35

    CONSER HOUSE 11:40-11:55

    JEFFERSON POOL 12:00-12:15



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  • Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon

    Posted by Chris Shaw on 6/2/2020

    Hello families! Did you know that Oregon is giving grocery money to families while
    school is closed? All families who are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals will soon
    get funds on an Oregon Trail EBT card. Immigration status does not matter for Pandemic EBT.
    AND you can still get “grab and go” meals from schools and other organizations during the

    If you already get SNAP or free school meals, you’ll get the benefits automatically. Make sure
    your school has your current mailing address.

    Don’t miss out. If you weren’t getting help before the pandemic, apply online for free school
    meals at www.ode.state.or.us/apps/frlapp . Apply for SNAP at www.govstatus.egov.com/or-dhs-benefits . If you qualify for either program, you’ll also get Pandemic-EBT!

    Have questions? Visit oregonhunger.org/covid-19.

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  • Work Share

    Posted by Chris Shaw on 5/21/2020

    Good Evening Jefferson Families,


    The Jefferson School District Board of Directors, in an effort to address recent budget concerns expressed by the State of Oregon as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, approved four (4) furlough days for district staff through the end of the school year. These furlough days will take place one day each week through the end of the school year, beginning May 22nd. While the elementary and middle schools will take their day on Fridays, the high school will be adjusting its dates based on graduation preparation and other determining factors. Please know that teachers will be reaching out to their students with instructions related to their office hours. 


    Though these days will be furloughed, the district still recognizes some essential services that are provided to families and students. A select few employees will have their furlough days adjusted in order to fulfill these services.


    The following service will continue to be provided:

    • Meal delivery and pick up 

    Thank you for allowing us to continue to serve you. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Take care of yourselves and each other.


    Brad Capener, Superintendent

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  • Distance Leaning update

    Posted by Chris Shaw on 5/14/2020

    Dear Jefferson Families,

    Do you ever grow weary of not going out to eat, keeping six-feet apart in public, wearing a mask to the market, working from home, and trying to support your child with their education at home? As a father of three and a superintendent, I can admit to a good measure of weariness on all fronts. I want it to be over! I want to get back to normal! I miss the kids and going into schools every week. I lead with this because I know and can relate to how challenging this is for you. It’s tough and getting old. 

    Across the schools, we are seeing a decrease in engagement across grade levels. Teachers are sensing the weariness. In addition to weariness, we know that anxiety and depression are ever-present in some students and that some are struggling with isolation, doing school at home without peer interaction and in-person teacher support, worries about getting sick, etc. We know too that it’s difficult to work from home and oversee the education of your children, especially for those in the primary grades. 

    Distance Learning presents challenges for us all. But I want to take this opportunity to briefly connect with you and say a few words, hopefully, of encouragement.

    First - You’re amazing! You are taking on a new level of support for your child’s education and we are so thankful for your efforts. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everything you do to support makes a difference. Whatever that is, is good. 

    Second - we have several weeks to go. We can do this together! We’ve got this! Please help us keep your child engaged in  learning. Encourage them and reassure them. 

    Third - feel free to give us your constructive feedback. Reach out to your child/children’s teacher and do two things: 1) tell them how awesome they are. This is really hard and they too need encouragement. 2) tell them how it’s going. If the work is too hard or not engaging, can you provide us with some ideas on how to connect with your child? What would make it easier in the next month?

    This is the first time we’ve had to teach this way and we are continually adjusting. Your feedback and partnership is really important because we want to get this right! We want to engage your student/s and make these next weeks enjoyable. I have provided a few tips on how to help your child be successful. I also included links to a few articles on supporting the mental health of your child during this time.

    Fourth - if your child is struggling emotionally, please reach out for help. Our counselors are available and there are many  resources available to you. (Available via this link is information from ODE for addressing for Mental Health and Social Support)

    Keep up the great work, Jefferson families. Your support for your child’s education is amazing!


    Patience, understanding and reassurance 

    • Reward positive behavior and validate feelings often
    • Include choice in your child’s learning 
    • Encourage keeping in touch with friends
    • Encourage healthy diet, and regular exercise and stretching 
    • Stick to existing routines 
    • Participate in household activities 
    • Set gentle but firm limits 
    • Encourage discussion of thoughts, feelings and experiences with friends and family. 
    • Follow children’s need for information, and encourage them to ask questions. 
    • Provide short, accurate answers 
    • Encourage time for creativity and expression 
    • Limit media exposure 
    • Address any stigma, misinformation or discrimination


    Sincerely,  Superintendent Capener


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  • School Update April 24th

    Posted by Chris Shaw on 4/24/2020


    Dear Jefferson Families:


    As we continue to partner with you in Distance Learning, we want to acknowledge that this can be difficult and that we understand how challenging it can be to work from home while your children are trying to learn and complete assignments at the same time. 


    Your support through this process, however, has been amazing and we thank you! Principals report the amount of parent and student contact that is made each week, and in this process, they have shared stories about how supportive you have been these past weeks, as we figure out how to get out supplies and materials, and how we change from a brick and mortar schoolhouse, to an online or packet delivery system. Our teachers are working really hard to make this shift and to provide your child/ren with a quality learning experience, and they value your support. 


    On the note of appreciation, I want to share with you that the  first week of May is Teacher Appreciation week. I encourage you to take a minute and send a quick note to your teacher/s and tell them how great they are doing. This is really challenging for our teachers as you might imagine. They miss seeing their students every day and connecting with them as they teach. A little word of encouragement and appreciation goes a long way.


    For parents with students in middle or high school, the Governor made it clear that we are shifting from a grading system to a Pass/Incomplete system. As teachers give assignments, the hope is that students make the best effort they can complete their work. If that becomes a problem or there are issues at home that prevent turning in or completing an assignment a reality, we encourage you to reach out to your teacher and explain the situation. We are here to work with you and we certainly understand that these are not normal times. Please also let us know if your child is overwhelmed and struggling and we will see how we can support him/her. 


    Once again, I want to thank you for your ongoing support. Our goal during this time is to connect, engage, and support your child/ren through this time. We want to make lemonade out of lemons! And we can’t do that without you! 


    Stay well,


    Brad Capener


    Jefferson School District

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  • School Closure Update 4-8-2020

    Posted by Chris Shaw on 4/8/2020

    Dear Jefferson Families,


    As you may have heard, Governor Brown made the announcement that school buildings will be closed for the remainder of the school year. 


    While this news is sad for us all, please know that our teaching staff is strong, creative and organized, and ready to begin Distance Learning on Monday, April 13! 


    This week we are getting Chromebooks to those who need them and packets and supplies to those who don’t have access to wireless internet. If you have not heard from your child’s school, please reach out to them and let them know what your needs are. 


    For our seniors, Acting Principal Lazar will be reaching out to families and students next week with guidance.


    For general updates or nutrition (breakfast and lunch program) updates, please refer to our website.


     If you have questions or concerns, please call your school and leave a message and someone will return your call. 


    • Jefferson Elementary - Please use Class Dojo or call 327-3337 X 1650
    • Jefferson Middle School - 327-3337 x 5 
    • Jefferson High School - 327-3337 x 1249


    Thank you,



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  • School Update 3-30-2020

    Posted by Chris Shaw on 3/30/2020

    Dear Jefferson Families,


    As you know, today would normally be the first day back from Spring Break and students would be sharing stories about their time away, and reconnecting with their teachers and friends. It feels so strange to not have children and staff in schools today! 


    This is new territory for us all and I appreciate your patience as we put our plans in place and seek ongoing guidance from the state related to certain details related to school closure. 


    COMMUNICATION ABOUT SCHOOL: From today onward, please expect that the majority of communication about schooling will come from your child’s school - mostly from teachers. Teachers will be reaching out to your child/children in the coming days to check on them and see how they are holding up. They will be checking to see who has access to computers and WIFI and who does not. Teachers will also be developing supplemental, enrichment activities for your child. These will be optional activities and not necessary to complete. No letter grades will be awarded. Attendance will not be taken. Having said that, students are encouraged to set aside time each day to engage in these activities. The more routine you can provide around enrichment learning, the better. 


    LEARNING RESOURCES: We are in the process of putting links to free learning resources on our website. We have developed a resource page for parents on the Homepage of our website, titled, Resources and Updates regarding COVID-19Please check this page throughout the week to see more updates and resources as they are developed. This page also provides links to articles to support the mental health of students during this time. 


    (Please see the attached article titled: Homeschooling is NOT the Same as Crisis Schooling: advice during coronavirus COVID -19 shutdowns)



    CHILDCARE FOR EMERGENCY WORKERS AND ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEES: We are in communication with the state and seeking their guidance about creating a childcare center for essential employees and First Responders. Should we move forward with establishing a childcare center, we will communicate this out through our website. We should have more complete information this week.  


    TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT: Currently, our technology department is posting videos on how to access Google Classroom and other helpful tips. Also, as the week unfolds, and we have a better understanding of who needs a computer, we will be putting together instructions on how to borrow a Chromebook. Staff will be following up with individual families who have indicated they can utilize a Chromebook and make arrangements for pick up.  


    FOOD SERVICE - NUTRITION SERVICES: We are running several food pick up locations and are looking to see how we can increase our locations. Please check our website for further updates. 


    SCHOOL CREDITS/GRADUATION:  Currently, we will be using the grades most recently earned by students as their 3rd quarter grade. If a student received a C or below, they will have the ability to make up that work to improve their grade. In this way, students will not be learning new material. They will have the opportunity to bring up their grade. Students can relax that the work they have completed to date will count. If your student has questions or wishes to bring up their grade, please have them reach out to their teacher. 


    Is graduation canceled? What about prom and other school events? Spring sports?

    As of today, all events through the end of the closure date (April 28th) are canceled. Events occurring beyond that date may be impacted by the extended closure, but we have no information about specific events at this time.

    We know many are concerned about graduation in particular. We are awaiting guidance from the Department of Education before we can make a decision on whether or not that event will be canceled or postponed.


    Do we know for sure this time that students will be able to return to school after April 28th?

    No, we don’t know that for certain at this time. As this is situation continues to evolve, it may be that the Governor extends the mandatory closure. There’s simply no way to know that yet. At this time we’re operating under the assumption that the school year will continue as planned beginning Wednesday, April 29th.

    Do students have homework during this closure?

    Students in college classes at Jefferson High School may have homework during this time – that will be communicated through the appropriate teacher.

    All other students may have suggested activities from schools or teachers, but they do not have mandated work during the closure. This is subject to change as the closure goes on, but we will update this page and send out communication before that occurs.

    Are students going to have to make up all this time with school in July?

    We have not yet received any guidance on this issue from the Oregon Department of Education. We expect to know more in the coming days and weeks.


    Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we create a new way of schooling! We will continue to provide further updates as we learn more and receive more guidance.




    Brad Capener


    Jefferson School District

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  • Emergency Meal Service

    Posted by Chris Shaw on 3/27/2020

    Meal sites

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  • School Updates

    Posted by Chris Shaw on 3/20/2020

    Dear Jefferson Families,

    Thank you for your patience as we build and adjust our plans for moving forward in these new and challenging times. As you can imagine, guidance is coming at us from the Oregon Department of Education very quickly and continually evolving.

    Here is what we know currently and will be putting forth in early April:

    Teachers will be providing optional enrichment opportunities for your child/children shortly after Spring Break.

    Activities teachers provide will NOT be graded. No credit will be awarded. No attendance taken. Students will not have to turn in assignments and participation is optional. Instead of providing education, we will be providing activities to keep your child engaged and enriched.

    Many of our teachers are getting creative and planning to engage your child/children in a variety of optional ways.

    We understand that students and parents have a lot of questions related to graduation and other aspects of their child’s education. Right now we are waiting for the state to provide more guidance in these areas.

    Spring Break is still officially scheduled for next week. On March 30, the school district will continue preparing and we will reach out to families again with updated information and resources.

    Thank you!

    Brad Capener

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  • School Closure 3-17 update

    Posted by Chris Shaw on 3/17/2020

    Good Morning Jefferson Families -

    Thank you for your patience during these uncertain times.

    As you know, the Governor has closed all schools this week. At this time, students are expected to return April 1.

    Please know that we will communicate any updates or changes to the opening of school as we learn the details.

    Should we need to have schools closed for a longer duration, plans are currently being created for how to continue school in a different way, and how to address seniors and graduation, etc. At this point, however, we are still planning to return April 1.

    In our efforts to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, effective immediately, the Jefferson School District 14J District Office will be closed to the public and staff not currently working. Please contact the district office by phone at (541) 327-3337 option “0” or by email.

    Thank you again for your understanding and patience.

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