The district admin team has directed the following steps be taken regarding Jefferson Lion athletic activities in response to the Governor's state mandated freeze order that goes into effect on Wed. Nov 18.


    Jefferson High School athletics will:

    1. Pause all indoor athletic activities starting on Wed. Nov 18th. 
    2. The last practice for Volleyball is Tuesday No. 17th.  There will be no volleyball on Thursday Nov 19th. 
    3. Outdoor sports may continue to hold practice on Thursday (11/19), the last day of this mini-session.
    4. Mini-season 3 (winter sports) start date is moved to Thursday, Dec 3rd and will proceed as scheduled through the last day of practice on Thursday Dec. 17th.


    We will further restrict participation with regard to any athlete that travels outside of the state.  If an athlete has left the state within the current 2 week period, that athlete is not allowed to participate and will be restricted for a period of 14 days. (or longer if develops any symptoms)


    Jefferson Lions athletic department thanks the community of Jefferson, the parents and the athletes for their cooperation and support during these difficult times.  We look forward to the beginning of regular season sports.


    Thank you   GO LIONS


    Daniel M. Fritz, Athletic Director

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  • Fall 2020 Mini-Season Sport Session 2 -  Starts Monday


    The Fall 2020 Mini-season for traditional fall sports will begin on Monday Nov. 2nd.  Registered athletes (registration closes Monday) may join their coaches for practice and conditioning activities as follows:  


    All Team will practice Monday, Tuesday Thursday of each week.

    Football  Meet at Game Field  4:30-6:30 pm

    Soccer:  Meet at Soccer Field 3:30-5:30 pm

    Cross Country:  Meet at Track 3:30-5:30 pm

    Volleyball:  Meet at Weight Room/Gym entrance 3:30-5:30 pm


    Coaches will check-in each athlete, conduct health screening and admit them for the day.  Remember, face masks are required as you arrive.  We will follow OHA/ODE guidelines for health protocols.

    Remember to wear a mask, maintain social distancing and stay home if not feeling well.


    Thanks to all our athletes, coaches and the community for working to stay safe this pre-season.

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    Registration for all sports is now open for the OSAA Fall Mini-Seasons with Jefferson Lions Athletics


    You can register for a sport in each of the three mini-season by going to FamilyID.com


    Sports available are:

    Mini-season 1 - Baseball / Softball / Track

    Mini-season 2 - Football / Volleyball / Soccer / Cross Country

    Mini-season 3 - Boys & Girls Basketball / Wrestling / Cheer


    Practice for Mini-season 1 starts Monday Sept 28th, all practices begin at 3:30pm at their respective fields.

    Contact your coach or Athletic Dept. for further information.

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  • Fall Mini Seasons at JHS - Explained 

    On August 5th, 2020, the OSAA released a revised sports season calendar for the 2020-21 school year. The new calendar established four (4) seasons for the year. Seasons 2-4 would start on Dec. 28th and constitute the OSAA traditional sport seasons and competitions. Season 1 as established by the OSAA (Aug.31-Dec 27) will not be directed by the OSAA but rather will be at the discretion of the local school districts, provided said activities are allowed by the Governor’s office, OHA, ODE, and the school adheres to the directives/guidance for reopening established by those entities. OSAA policies regarding out of season coaching limitations have been waived for Season 1 and student participation cannot be required. All other OSAA rules and policies governing athletic participation remain in effect.

    The following information outlines Jefferson School District's plan to provide athletic opportunities for the students of Jefferson High School during the newly established Fall Season 1.


    Statement of Goal and Objectives

    1. To provide a transition period for JHS Student-Athletes to return to the academics of the new school year, with the focus on academic efforts for two weeks, then providing structured athletic opportunities after the academic startup.
    2. To provide a limited and safe return to athletic activities for JHS Student-Athletes that wish to participate in OSAA / JHS Athletics during the fall season.
    3. Provide an outlet for physical activity for any and all JHS students.
    4. Insure a safe and minimal risk environment during practice and conditioning activities (and potential competitions when allowed)
    5. Serve as a pre-season opportunity to prepare all respective sports offered at JHS.
    6. Promote participation in multiple sports by athletes 


    Statement of Considerations for Limited Athletic Reopening.

    1. The number one priority for a student-athlete is personal health and academic success.
    2. Participation in physical activity is important to the health and well-being of young people.  
    3. For many student-athletes, participation in athletic activity is a motivating factor toward academic success.
    4. During a time when a school is not able to safely provide in person learning opportunities, public perception of students participating in athletic activities may be negative and as such we will not authorize games, competitions or other inter-district/school contests.
    5. Provide athletic practice opportunities that follow OHA K-12 Limited Return to Play guidelines.
    6. Understand and apply distinctions between indoor/outdoor, full/limited contact sports and activities.
    7. JHS sponsored athletic activities conducted during July followed state directives and provided our students with an opportunity to participate in all sports and had no identified incidents of COVID outbreak.
    8. Safety and Health Protocols were defined and implemented during the summer session to provide a safe and minimal risk environment for our athletes and coaches.  Established protocols will again be used and further refined to continue these efforts during the Fall Season 1 period.


    Summary of Proposed Activities

    • JHS Limited Return to Athletic Activity will begin after 2 weeks of academic instruction has begun. This will allow students to focus on their academic start up and smooth transition into online learning.
    • Sports are grouped according to traditional sport seasons.  Individual sports will conduct practice activities only during their specified block of time.  If/when in-person instruction begins, contests/competitions may be authorized with district approval.
    • Student Athletes will be allowed to participate in only a single sport during each designated time block.  Coaches will encourage athlete participation and exploration throughout the different sport mini-sessions and promote JHS student involvement for all sports.
    • Coaches will follow OSAA Practice Model guidelines with the addition of a 9-day participation requirement prior to competition for all sports.  Football will not be allowed to use protective equipment and all sports are restricted from full contact drills and activities.
    • Student-athletes are limited to a single practice activity per day, with a limit of 2 hours (OSAA allows 3 hrs.)  Teams will meet 3 times per week – Mon. Tue. & Thu.
    • Football may conduct 7:7 passing activities only – no full contact or full scrimmages are allowed.
    • Basketball and Volleyball will not conduct indoor games until such time as the district moves to Hybrid/in-school instruction.  Volleyball may conduct reduced number scrimmages (i.e. 4 on 4) restricting net play to maintain 6 ft distancing. 
    • Any competitions for individual sports (once allowed) will be scheduled through the direction of JHS Athletic Director and certified officials will be utilized for any contest that is OSAA sanctioned.
    • Scheduling of contests will emphasize remaining within the local region and limit travel.
    • Potential visiting opponents and spectators (if allowed) for contests will be required to follow safety and health guidelines / procedures that JHS athletes /fans are expected to follow.
    • Travel arrangements will meet district policy and adhere to OHA/ODE transport of student guidelines.


    NOTE:  Athletic staff and coaches understand that holding contests/competitions is at the discretion of the District Office and will not be allowed as long as students are involved with online only instruction.


    General Guidelines for Conduct of Activities

    • Students that wish to participate are required to register for the Fall Sports Session (using Family-ID online system - available Sept 14th).
    • There is no fee for athletic participation throughout the 20-21 school year for any student enrolled at JHS
    • Students wishing to participate in fall season sports activities must still meet all OSAA eligibility requirements and cleared for participation (meet residency/enrollment requirements, meet academic eligibility, and have a current sports physical on file) prior to attending any athletic activity.
    • Established COVID-19 preventative measures will continue in place with monitoring of Student-athlete attendance and daily health/safety screenings.
    • All coaches will meet OSAA annual certification requirements and will maintain attendance and activity records for daily practice attendance and activities.
    • Each athlete will have participated in 9 days of practice prior to entry into any competition/events (if or when allowed).
    • All OHA and ODE health and safety guidelines will be strictly enforced (i.e. mask wearing / social distancing) for both practice and contest activities.
    • All contests will adhere to the OHA Health and Occupancy guidelines for indoor / outdoor activities.  Concessions WILL NOT be available.
    • Spectators at any authorized contest will be required to adhere to JHS protocols and established state/district safety and health guidelines.


    Please direct any questions to the JHS Athletic Director, Dan Fritz, via email or district phone:


    541-327-3337  ext. 1256







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    Registration opens Sept 14th

    Mini Seasons Begins Sept 28th


    The Fall Sport Seasons will begin at JHS on Sept. 28th.  We will hold 3 mini-seasons for practice and conditioning during the fall season.  The OSAA regular seasons are set to begin December 28th.


    Each JHS mini-season will hold activities for specific sports as listed below.  Athletes may register for a single sport during each of the 3 mini-season periods.  All OSAA eligibility, representation and academic requirements will be in force and athletes must have a valid sports physical on file.


    Registration may be completed starting on Monday Sept.14th using the FamilyID.com web site / Jefferson page.  Registration for each session will remain open until the first day of each mini-season period.


    Seasons are:

    Mini-season 1 (Sept 28th - Oct 23rd) for Baseball, Softball and Track

    Mini-season 2 (Nov 2nd - Nov 20th) for Football, Volleyball, Soccer and Cross Country

    Mini-Season 3 (Nov 30th - Dec 18th) for Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling and Cheer

    Questions - Please contact Dan Fritz Athletic Director via email or school phone


    (541) 327-3337 ext 1256

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  • OSAA Adopts Revised 2020-21 School Activities Calendar - Aug. 5th

    The OSAA has adopted a new Oregon Sports and Activities Calendar. The new calendar moves the first competitive season to late December beginning with traditional winter sports.  These will be followed by fall sports set to begin in late February. Spring sports will return in April and continue through June.  

    “Today’s decision by the Executive Board provides a framework to maximize the potential opportunity for students in Oregon to participate in three seasons during the 2020-21 school year,” said Peter Weber, OSAA Executive Director. 


    With the goal to encourage a strong and healthy start to the academic school year and provide a period of transition for our student-athletes, the JHS athletic staff and school administration will take advantage of a delayed start for the OSAA athletic year and begin the process to develop, review and implement a plan that provides the best opportunity for a safe return to athletic activities during the off season this fall.  All JHS summer activities will end as of August 7th.


    Once our instructional teams and teachers have implemented the district academic plan for the students of Jefferson, we will start to phase in a return of athletic activities to the extent that is made possible under the direction of the ODE, OHA and our Governor's guidelines.


    Thanks to all of you for helping make our summer sports activities a success and for the cooperation and support of our coaches, the athletes, their parents and our community as we work our way through these difficult times and look forward to a return of Jefferson Lions Sports. -- GO LIONS!!!


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    The OSAA and our District have approved, the Jefferson Lions to hold summer workout activities starting June 29th.

    Coaches of each individual sport will contact athletes to notify them of days and times that the respective sport will begin to conduct workouts and instructional activities.

    We will also publish a calendar of activities once it is finalized in the next couple of week.


    ALL FALL SPORT ATHLETES, the online registration will  open to enroll in your fall sport starting July 1st and remain open through the the end of August.  Also remember to have a current sports physical - they are good for 2 years.




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    The following is an excerpt from the recent update issued by the OSAA - dated May 12th:


    "While many areas of the state are preparing to re-open under the Governor’s latest information, the current OSAA Sports moratorium-like suspension of facilities and coach/student physical interaction remains in place through the end of the Association Year (May 25) regardless of your county’s phase. 
    OSAA Staff is continuing to seek clarification on the Governor’s latest information and are working with our partners at Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon Department of Education (ODE), along with our own Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC), on guidance for schools for summer activities, summer camps, use of school facilities, etc. 

    The OSAA Executive Board will meet on May 20 to review the latest information and we plan to have updated information out to schools shortly thereafter.  For current guidance, please see information posted by the OSAA at: http://www.osaa.org/coronavirus."


    pay again


    Your Jefferson Lions Coaching Staff and I will update all athletes regarding the summer and next fall sports season as soon as we have specific direction from the OSAA and Jefferson School District

    Until then, stay safe, healthy and well.

    Dan Fritz, Jefferson Lions Athletic Director.

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    On Friday April 24, 2020 - we will burn our stadium lights for you as a symbol of hope and assurance that all of you are in our hearts
    Brighter days are ahead.
    At 8:20 (2020 - Z Time) we will light the stadium for 20 minutes to honor the JHS Lions Class of 2020.  Thanks to each of you for all you have brought to the Jefferson Community and JHS!!! 
    Remember to alway "Be the Light"
    Community members are encouraged to drive by (honk)and show their support  (we can not gather at the field)
    Today, tomorrow, next month, next year. #WeWillPlayAgain
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    To all of the spring sport athletes, who will miss out on their 2020 sport season, from the Jefferson Lions Athletic Department and CoachesWE SALUTE YOU!



    Danny Aguilar * Diego Aguilar * Tim Dwire * Haden Grough * Owen Martin

    Cristian Medrano * Jonathan Medrano * Caleb Rodriguez

    Brandon White * Zach Wusstig



    LilyAnne Alford * Madison Brunk * Lilly Courtney * Aleeya Ils

    Madison Kubishta * Della Lovato * Liz McCall * Melissa Nunez * Jayden O’Neil

    Kimberly Peterson * Lilly Roth * Savannah Vetter * Nashea Wilson


    Track and Field

    Christian Aguilar * Bradley Bowser * Baylie Campau * Luis Cortes

    Abraham Cortez *  Trevyn Eddie * Oliver Gorman * Nathalie Graf

    Lukas Hudec * Jazmyn Kennedy *  Madeleine LaCross * Jonathan Lopez

    Diana Escamilla * Edgar Mendoza * Simon Olen * Elijah Reade

    Jeremiah Reade * Sierra Reeves * Diego Rincon * Leon Romo Jr

    Richard Sanchez * Braydon Soders * Thayne Tubbs


    And to the Seniors a very special THANK YOU:


    Track and Field                     Softball                          Baseball

    Wyatt Jurgens                    Sierra Alford                   Isaac Deleon                                           

    Hannah Grantom               Haley Landrum                DJ Krider

    O’Ryan Hutley                    Ciera Lindsay                  Diego Rodriguez

    Xandor Koslow                             

    Macrea Mata

    Laura Ruiz-Jimenez

    Shawn Schrunk

    Cristian Toriz


                   Stay true to the Purple and White and always remain …



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    Under the direction of Gov. Brown and the OSAA, the 2020 High School Sports Season is officially cancelled.  Effective April 8th, the following message was received from the OSAA Executive Director, Peter Weber:  

    “Today’s heart wrenching decision is difficult for all members of the OSAA family, We empathize with students and school communities, especially our graduating seniors, but recognize that these cancellations will allow our collective focus to remain where it’s most needed at this time - on the health and safety of all Oregonians.”
    "We had maintained hope for an abbreviated Spring season to help bring a sense of normalcy to these uncertain times,” but “Now more than ever we need to apply the lessons learned through participation in education-based activities – teamwork, sacrifice, resilience – and play our role in adhering to the public health guidelines.  We all look forward to the day when we play again.”
    Current OSAA policies prohibiting the use of school facilities and coaches from organizing or directing workouts and practices remain in effect until further notice.  The OSAA Executive Board will meet in the coming weeks to discuss policies for summer activities, along with academic eligibility concerns for Fall 2020


    Within the Jefferson Lions Pride, we understand the emotions that come from such a decision.  On behalf of the coaches and staff at JHS, I extend our heartfelt hope that all will be well and we can soon return to the field of play.  To the seniors that have lost the opportunity for this final season, we are sorry, and extend our best wishes in what the future will hold.  Know that if I or a coach can do anything to help, do not hesitate to ask.


    More information regarding the process to bring the season to a close will be forthcoming and your team's coaches will be in contact.  We are developing a plan for the return of equipment and uniforms and for the refund of participation fees already paid.

    Again thanks for the opportunity to serve the Jefferson Community and we look forward to when next the Lion Purple and White competes




    Dan Fritz, Athletic Director

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