• Securly Certificate FAQs 
    What is the Securly SSL certificate?
    JSD uses Securly as a web content filter for district and personal devices. Securly issues a certificate to create a secure connection from a personal device to the internet.  This certificate adds an additional safety and privacy by acting as a secure gateway between any device and the internet.  
    What does the certificate do?
    It allows us to inspect and filter traffic on the JSD wireless network.
    Do I need to install the certificate on my district issued computer or device?
    No.  The certificate is automatically installed.  
    Do I need to install the certificate on my personal device?  
    No.  This is optional. 

    What if the certificate is not installed?
    The device will have extremely limited internet access on the JSD wireless network. Sites such as Google will not be accessible.

    Why do we need to have a certificate?

    With the implementation of the district's 1:1 Chromebook Initiative JSD remains focused on internet safety and privacy for staff and students.  Many websites, including Google, use a protocol for secure communication that keeps your web activity private. The certificate allows our web filter to add additional privacy, properly permit or block web content and, more importantly, remain compliant with the CIPA (U.S. Children’s Internet Protection Act ).

    Does the certificate access any personal information such as contacts or photos on your device?

    No, it only filters web traffic passing through the JSD wireless network.

    Does this certificate filter my traffic at home?
    No, the certificate will not be in use outside of the JSD wireless network.