Jefferson to Offer Limited In-Person Instruction

Jefferson to Offer Limited In-Person Instruction

Schools operating in the Comprehensive Distance Learning instructional model are able to bring a limited number of students for limited hours and with specific conditions on-site. Schools can offer the opportunity for limited in-person instruction based on need. As such Jefferson 14J is in the process of identifying certain small groups of students to bring in who require additional support.

As the semester progresses, principals will identify other students who may need to come to school for short periods of time during part of the week. To ensure conditions are set to provide a safe environment for all students entering the school and for all staff, the district is beginning this process slowly and in phases.

The first phase is projected to begin on or around October 12 and will include a total of 15 students across the district. Principals are collecting data and making plans to expand the numbers of students as needed. Decisions for bringing in students will not be based solely on disability, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Additionally, student participation in limited in-person instruction will be voluntary and will not be a required element for any course or grade.

Schools can offer the opportunity for limited in-person instruction based on educational, relational, curricular, instructional, and/or assessment needs. All students considered for limited in-person will be qualified under the following criteria:

● Address connectivity issues, including a focus on students with limited or no internet access
● Provide academic support
● Access assessment
● Provide social, emotional, or mental health support
● Build educator-to-student relationships
● Support live peer-to-peer interaction
● Support ongoing engagement and attendance
● Build school community and culture
● Ensure culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogy
● Prepare for a return to in-person instruction
● Provide voluntary supplemental supports

JSD wants to bring back all of our students and we miss them dearly. Once the metrics lower to the point where we are allowed to change to a hybrid model, we will actively communicate with the community in preparation for that transition. In the meantime, we are reaching out to provide a little extra support in a very small, very limited way.