Follow-up to Friday's Incident

Dear Jefferson Families,

The school district understands that when an incident of violence takes place, parents want answers to ensure their child will be safe in school. That is completely reasonable.

I think it is important to convey that by law and for ethical reasons, we are not able to provide details related to individual students. Whether a student is in school, or what consequences were given, if any, all fall under The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

While we cannot provide details on an ongoing investigation, we can say that Jefferson High School is doing everything it can to keep your children safe. Please know that we are taking this situation very seriously.

We have increased adult presence and supervision when students are out of classrooms.
Our administrators are working on this issue with complete focus and intention.
We are working with the Willamette Education Service District’s (WESD)Threat Assessment Team. These are experts in school safety and they help schools make informed decisions related to school safety.
Marion County Sheriff’s Department has an ongoing investigation into this incident
Jefferson School District is conducting its own investigation.

For students who are scared or traumatized by the event, we have counselors and adult mental health professionals available to them. We encourage any student with any information regarding this incident, or any safety related incident we appreciate them coming forward to a school administrator or counselor. Any information shared is confidential.

While these incidents are scary, I appreciate our students, staff and families working together to
maintain a sense of calm, and trust that we are handling the situation. Also, I think it is important to remember that many details on social media are not accurate.

We are taking multiple steps to ensure your child or children are safe in school. We believe our students are safe to be in our schools at this time, and we are doing everything within our scope to ensure their safety.

Brad Capener, Superintendent
Jefferson School District