Student Walkout

Dear Jefferson Community,

Today, a number of students gathered outside of school to exercise their constitutional right to free speech. When incidents occur that involve violence, as happened last Friday, parents and students want to know what the school is doing specifically about the situation.

Our inability to share specific details with students and parents is frustrating, we understand that. Students gave voice to their frustrations and two of our administrators listened and took notes. Following the peaceful and orderly demonstration, students returned to class.

Jefferson high school will be engaging with students in the coming weeks and months to further listen and understand their feelings of fear, anxiety, and frustration. Whether the issues involve student safety, racism, bullying, identity, we are here to be listeners and problem-solvers.

We invite our students to engage in dialogue with us - to be leaders, to be listeners, and to help make Jefferson High School a place where all students feel safe, welcome, and included.

In addition to the listening sessions we will be creating, our Youth Truth survey comes out in October which will be another opportunity for students and parents to share their feelings. This data will help us understand how people are feeling so we can build more support and avenues of communication. In fact, JHS is developing its student leadership for this very purpose.

To our students, please know that you were heard. Please give us the opportunity to build pathways for better understanding and communication. Thank you.

Brad Capener, Superintendent

Jefferson School District