Student Safety Follow Up

Dear Jefferson Community,

We thank you for your continued patience as Jefferson High School conducts its investigation into the incident that took place at the football game, on September 23, 2022.

In our conversations with students and parents regarding student safety, we have identified two concerns being brought up repeatedly that we would like to address. 

The first involves the incident at the high school football game on September 23rd. Parents have been reaching out, wanting to know specific information on what actions and decisions are being made pertaining to a student. They have expressed anger and frustration due to the lack of specific information being shared. As we have shared both in formal communications and in person, the school administration is not permitted by law to share private information about a student. What we can share with you is that we are following our policies and procedures laid out in law, and we have a team of outside experts supporting and guiding us through this process. The safety of our students is our primary concern and focus. 

The second concern being expressed by some parents and students, is that our schools are not safe because we don’t follow up on complaints or issues that arise. There is a perception that nothing is ever done. While that may be the perception held by some, I want all of our concerned parents and students to know that we do follow up on every incident that is reported to us. Not only do we follow up on every concern brought up, but we take every concern very seriously. Our principals and assistant principals, athletic director, coaches and teachers, all have something in common: They want every student to feel safe and to thrive in school. 

Our professional adults care deeply about every child and they work tirelessly, as a team, to achieve that outcome. Again, due to privacy laws, students or parents may not know the discipline outcomes that are given, or what threat assessments were conducted, or what preventative measures have been put into place to protect students. But that does not mean the school has ignored the situation. Again, every concern, complaint, issue, or incident is followed up with and investigated completely. Our educators and administrators are amazing, conscientious individuals and they deserve our gratitude for the hard work they do every day to keep our students safe.  

Finally, as we shared with our high school students today, if the adults in the school are not aware of a potential problem or concern, then we are not able to act on it. We invite our students to come forward when they see or hear of something that concerns them. We have provided a link to SafeOregon (, so students can make their concerns known with their names or anonymously.

If you are interested in reading what was provided to students today, please read Student Communication (

Thank you,

Jefferson School District