Enrichment Plan Update 3-20

Dear Jefferson Families,

Thank you for your patience as we build and adjust our plans for moving forward in these new and challenging times. As you can imagine, guidance is coming at us from the Oregon Department of Education very quickly and continually evolving.

Here is what we know currently and will be putting forth in early April:

Teachers will be providing optional enrichment opportunities for your child/children shortly after Spring Break.

Activities teachers provide will NOT be graded. No credit will be awarded. No attendance taken. Students will not have to turn in assignments and participation is optional. Instead of providing education, we will be providing activities to keep your child engaged and enriched.

Many of our teachers are getting creative and planning to engage your child/children in a variety of optional ways.

We understand that students and parents have a lot of questions related to graduation and other aspects of their child’s education. Right now we are waiting for the state to provide more guidance in these areas.

Spring Break is still officially scheduled for next week. On March 30, the school district will continue preparing and we will reach out to families again with updated information and resources.

Thank you!

Brad Capener